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A higher proportion of lawsuits sought medicines outside the SUS formulary with therapeutic alternatives, while medicines outside the SUS formulary without an alternative were more commonly requested in administrative cases. Conclusion Administrative cases adhere to the public policies and guidelines of the SUS.

The administrative cases results in fewer decisions to download outside the SUS formulary with alternative, and more decisions to download drugs for which there is a formulary alternative.

In addition, administrative cases provide greater equity by favoring lower income applicants. The public pressure for effective implementation of existing policies may help expand access to medicines. Keywords: Judicialization of health, Right to health, Judicial decisions, Pharmaceutical services Background In Brazil, the integral right to health is an obligation of the State, written in the Federal Constitution, and it depends on the creation and implementation of public health policies [ 1 ].

The principle of universality guarantees access to health services and actions to all people, regardless of socioeconomic characteristics, such as gender, race, income or occupation.

Integrality guarantees assistance in all levels of care through promotion, protection and recovery of health. Under the principle of equality, all citizens have their right to health guaranteed by the State in an equal way and must therefore acknowledge the multiplicity and social inequality within the population.


Equity, in turn, seeks to give more to those in greater need to compensate for inequalities [ 2 ]. However, since the s, Brazilian citizens have had to resort to the judicial system in order to have access to medications and other health goods and services.

This phenomenon is called judicialization of access to medicines [ 3 — 5 ]. The flaws in health policies, insufficient funds for the State to meet the growing demands in health care, and the excessive time it takes, not only for regulatory approval, but also for many drugs to be included in the list of those supplied by the SUS, are the attributed causes of this phenomenon.

The lawsuits are used by citizens to overcome the inaccessibility of medicines, caused either by the lack of financial resources to acquire them, by their unavailability in public health services or by the high cost of treatment, especially for the treatment of genetic diseases and neoplastic drugs outside the pharmaceutical care policy and represent an important part of the problem [ 6 , 7 ].

In regard to the Enlargement of the healthcare perspective there is a cluster of contributions on holistic care Esc Anna Nery. Rev Latino-am Enferm.

Rev Esc Enferm. Barbosa G, Valadares GV. Cienc Cuid Saude. Dutra V, Rocha, RM. Campos G, Amaral MA.

Saberes do direito epub downloaden

Cienc Saude Colet. What to teach to patients with heart failure and why: the role of nurses in heart failure clinics. Rolim M, Castro M.

Compliance to the hypertension control program and the standardized nursing results: an exploratory study. Online Braz J Nurs [Internet]. Rev Bras Enferm. Cad Saude Publica. The concept of self-care is understood as a way of managing the healthcare process, implying the collaboration of the health team and the users and not a merely prescriptive activity Mendes E.

The findings in the literature relate PCC with Humane care, mostly in the relational realm, of interactions between practitioners and patients. The need to improve the relationship patient-provider was cited as a basic condition to PCC Several values are underlined as crucial for PCC: empathy, respect, solidarity The three topics that were identified in the Brazilian specialized literature about PCC, i.

In the national health policy context, there are several approaches that may be part of the PCC concept, according to the literature. Some of them are the user-centered work process Rev Bras Educ Med.

Bedrikow R, Campos, G. Rev Assoc Med Bras. Campos G. It is also an approach that aims to include not only curative, but also prevention, rehabilitation and palliative care in the clinical activities as a contribution to the autonomy of users.

Comprehensiveness may be conceptualized as a principle in a quest for a PCC, as it is a critique to the fragmentation of actions that patients receive, and it proposes an array of practices that look beyond the biological limits, beyond the procedure-centered intervention and oblivious of the insertion of the individual in a collective environment Patient-centered care is therefore to see the patient as a singular individual inside a collective entity, that interact in their individual and collective dimensions as can be also conceptualized in comprehensive care.

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Comprehensiveness is one of the principles of the Brazilian National Health System, reflecting one of the ideals that were defended by the Sanitary Movement Mattos R. We understand the Comprehensiveness principle as a polysemic term International contributions regarding PCC In spite of a growing popularity, the term Patient-centered care has not a unanimous definition or consensus in its key elements.

The expanded view of illness can be studied through the contributions of Stewart et al. Patient-centered medicine: transforming the clinical method. California: Sage; The bio-psychosocial model is seen as a key element of the PCC What are the core elements of patient-centred care? A narrative review and synthesis of the literature from health policy, medicine and nursing. J Adv Nurs. Involving patients as partners-in-care is considered the cornerstone of PCC. It includes the understanding by the patients of their own situation Person-centered care: ready for prime time.

livro eduardo sabbag direito tributario pdf

Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs. Parsons T. Social system. Londres: Routledge; In this sense, shared decision-making can be considered one of the techniques of PCC, to be used in the path of consensual relations between practitioners and patients The international literature looks at the provider-patient relationship as a core component of the conceptual model of PCC In the professional-patient interaction, a few key elements are cited in describing PCC Institute for Patient - and Family- Centered Care.

Advancing the practice of patient and family centered care: how to get started. Kitson et al. Adding to the four selected reviews, there are other publications on the subject that use PCC as a global example to be considered Pelzang R.

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Time to learn: understanding patient-centred care. Br J Nurs.

Creating collaborative learning environments for transforming primary care practices now. Fam Syst Health. In the UK, PCC was considered as a basic ingredient to give high quality medical care and lower the rate of medical errors Royal College of General Practitioners. An inquiry into patient centred care in the 21st Century. London; Tube bend calculator free download. Fix crack cd. Ramya songs free download. Maquillage joker photoshop tutorial.

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Rev Latino-am Enferm. El cambio de sexo y su Influencia en el matrimonio Civil Colombiano: Ausgabe in sechs Sprachen Alain Le Saux pdf. When you crack your knuckles, you're causing the bones of the joint to pull apart. Dr kumar vishwas youtube video download. Smc file emulator download. The basic component includes medicines for the treatment of diseases that are prevalent and that are treated in primary care services.

Institute for Patient - and Family- Centered Care.

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