'He's the seventh son of a seventh son. His name is Thomas J. Ward and he's my gift to the County. When he's old enough we'll send you word. Train him well. Get Instant Access to PDF Read Books The Spooks Revenge Last Apprentice Wardstone Chronicles 13 Joseph Delaney at our eBook Document Library 1/ To download The Spook's Revenge: Book 13 PDF, remember to access the link listed below and download the ebook or gain access to other information which.

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Tom Ward the local Spook's apprentice, his best friend Alice and the witch assassin Grimalkin have finally bound the Fiend and trapped him in Ireland, but to. Read "The Spook's Revenge Book 13" by Joseph Delaney available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. 'He's the seventh son. The Spook's Revenge book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 'He's the seventh son of a seventh son. His name is Thomas J.

This is the tale that explains how the Fiend is to be defeated. The themes of the entire series, alongside the characters, have fascinated me to no end. The whole battle between light and darkness is the kind of themes found in all other things I love from The Lord of the Rings through to Star Wars and even Christianity. This novel, as with all the others, particularly challenges the compromise of light and darkness and what it does for someone with good intentions to commit evil acts for that good.

The internal changes within characters because of these decisions are explored in all the novels and reach a nice conclusion here. I must add, however, that fortunately a new major threat looms, allowing for another handful of books which will be set in the aftermath of the twists and turns of this novel.

The Spook's Revenge

I personally look forward to seeing what Joseph Delaney throws up in that trilogy or perhaps quadrilogy - depending on how his writing flows. Delaney is a a natural storyteller, and while many might argue about elegance and key themes or dismiss this as yet another Young Adult series, I will stand firm and state that it has depth, subtlety and charm connected to it.

As such it is easily one of the finer Young Adult series around and I fully recommend that anyone interested read these books. View all 6 comments. Aug 07, Cat rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Disappointed with how the character of Alice was handled. Disappointed that what should have been the grand finale to an epic 13 book series was in fact just set up for a new series. I really, really, really wanted to love this book, but Hrm.

I really, really, really wanted to love this book, but too many loose ends and no real sense of closure rather spoilt it for me.

The Spook's Revenge

View all 5 comments. Kada sam originalno kreno ovaj serijal posle prve dve, tri knjige mi je postao jedna od omiljenih coming of age prica: Likovi su bili fino opisani, malo jednostavni ali opet dovoljno da izgledaju stvarni. Prica se fino razvijala, drzala paznju i onda smo stigli do desete knjige. I sve je otislo dodjavola. Sta se desilo nemam pojma, da li je autor ostao bez inspiracije ili se tolko koncentrisao na pripremu filma, ili nesto trece ali kvalitet price j Kada sam originalno kreno ovaj serijal posle prve dve, tri knjige mi je postao jedna od omiljenih coming of age prica: Sta se desilo nemam pojma, da li je autor ostao bez inspiracije ili se tolko koncentrisao na pripremu filma, ili nesto trece ali kvalitet price je totalno opao i tako smo stigli do ove zadnje.

Iskreno ima tolko stvari koji mi smetaju ovde da necu ni da zapocinjem sa kukanjem samo cu reci da je os serijala koji bi svakom preporucio postao serijal koji bih svakom rekao da zaobidje.

Skoro mi je drago sto je kod nas izasla samo prva knjiga pa se ne grizem da sam je kupio celu. Lose jako lose, zaobici. Dve zvezde dobija samo zato sto je sam stil pisanja jos uvek vise nego dobar ali opisani sadrzaj Jun 25, Paul rated it did not like it.

The following may contains spoilers. Caveat lector. What you have successfully done is taken a wonderful series, and twisted it in the last book to prolong it through means of sequels and spin-offs. It started off quite well, with the same charm and structure of the other story books, albeit with far more suspense and tension than the others. Then starts the downhill spiral. It is safe The following may contains spoilers. It is safe to say that Alice is quite the beloved character among your readers.

You managed to make her one of the most hated characters, twisting her into a cold little minx who runs off with some very, very old magician sporting a beard and some great dark powers he never thought to use earlier to save the Fiend. There were too many last minute characters involved with the ending, which should have consisted of an amalgamation of previous characters working with or against Tom against the Fiend in his final hour. Originally, I thought Alice had been stolen away by an evil sorcerer, and was being kept locked up in some magic-proof dungeon, waiting for Tom.

You can understand my shock and confusion alongside Tom when it turns out she was actually swept off her feet, swooning. Naturally, I still hoped for the best, anticipating the moment when Tom kisses her again or some other moment to break a spell surrounding her and then back to the old romance. But no. You went along with it.

Not to mention at the end of the book you absolutely brought up some character motivations that, to me, cannot help but look like either some pathetic attempt to redeem Alice, or an attempt to completely discombobulate Tom's world, both of which are never good things to do that far into a supposed series finale.

The Spook's death was unexpected, as I expected him to die as prophesied, but I was fine with it, as I never like his stiff, uncompromising attitude toward magic. In this, he was a fantastic character, serving as a fine base for the morals of the good side, standing by them to the bitter end, and almost refusing to break them even in the face of certain annihilation.

He was an important anchor in the series, and you thoroughly showed how standing by your morals can come into conflict with many, many things. So cheers to you on the Spook's resigned death, which was fitting. Gregory's decline was evident throughout the entire series, stated many, many times by the character himself, and although you sent him out with a whimper rather than a bang, with the ambiguous death of the chaotic battlefield, it suited him well.

Tom was quite the focus in this book, with his thoughts and crammed into every possible corner, although this should be expected from first-person perspectives.

What annoyed me was the accuracy at times which he guessed current events, bordering on the supernatural. What made Tom so fascinating as a character was his humble beginning infused with some sparks of magic.

His struggle through the end was a bit too close to the magical side, and gave him some hastily added magical abilities. His hunter-sense was a nice addition to his "hunt the dark" ability set, but had some obscure origins. Then you have the ruined ending.

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Basically what you did was distort any feelings associated with this wonderful series. The ending was a mockery of every journey the reader, Tom, Alice, and everyone else went through together. Killing the Fiend is a bad idea now? The main purpose of the series was to hunt and kill the Fiend, and in the end, it was all for nothing.

That epic battle in the dragon's cave? Mam's advice and sacrifices? The deaths of so, so many likable characters? You made our entire journey together worth diddly-squat. What you could have done is ended it with two endings.

Now one of these two endings would end the series here. You could embrace the ending of Alice being sacrificed at the altar, and have Tom commit suicide along with her, or, if that's too dark, continued on as the sad County Spook.

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You gave the readers a half version of this with the nightmare Tom receives near the end, and I felt that I would have preferred her to die as she did on the Wardstone, after all she's done to my Tom. The other ending would be the one you've already written, published above.

This ending could lead to as many spin-offs and sequels as your heart desires, but some of your fans need that closure that is so inadequately provided by the current book. If you choose to go along with the lines of "I can't please everyone," I doubt many will hold it against you, but they might pretend this book did not exist.

This is how badly we need good closure. Bad closure is worse than if you had no closure, because it leaves more unanswered questions, and the reader yearning for a sense of fulfillment. Aug 22, Roshan Shah rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It was crazily amazing! The whole story was written with such skill and imagination by Joseph Delaney!

The plot's twists were so unpredictable, yet the hints which were subtly dropped were cleverly placed. The ending - it was tragic, annoying, unresolved, angry, amazing and brilliant - all at once! The deaths, betrayals and choices made towards the final ending of the book really gripped me, even though some of them I hated yet also thought were truly masterpieces.

By hated, I only mean it becau It was crazily amazing! By hated, I only mean it because of my connection with the characters - everything was written and the plot was conjured with such wonders. I can only wait to see what Joseph Delaney does next, as the ending is in some ways, has left me on the line between "That's all over. It was amazingly completely" and "Wait. Is that the end? But what about everything else? It seems that he has really created a fascinating book here.

For that, it is one of the best books I have ever read. The best finale, for the best series. View all 4 comments. Jul 18, Harjas Brar rated it did not like it. Most bullshit fucking ending ever. Such great writing all 12 books, even the 13 had a great finish except for Alice and tom. Dissapointment beyond measurement, never downloading a Joseph Delaney book again. Can't even re read the others now. Thanks for ruining a series. All loose ends to be tied up and everything put to rest.

Or not so much. The lack of resolution and the lead into another series when the last couple of instalments were pretty much filler anyway.

Some negatives but still I enjoyed reading about Tom and his friends over the series and there were some fun bits here. The thirteenth and final entry in the Spook's Apprentice series, this one left a lot of threads unresolved. I suspect that many of them will become woven into the Starblade trilogy that will continue Tom Ward's journey as the new Spook for the county. All in all, a fitting end to a much loved series. Jan 04, David rated it really liked it. So, I've been reading this series for a very long time maybe years now and somehow I always stumble upon the next book.

In the end, it became a little bit like a chore, since I find the writing simplistic and I feel like I've outgrown it. When I finally picked up this book, I was expecting a decent book with a decent ending that would give me a decent time- a fitting end to all those years I spent following the story. Well, boy oh boy Mr. Delaney, you shocked me big time.

I was on the edge So, I've been reading this series for a very long time maybe years now and somehow I always stumble upon the next book. I've always used Goodreads as a great tool for looking at reviews and summaries, but this is the first time I've written one.

I spent 13 books waiting for Tom and Alice to finally get together and you threw it all out the window. Words cannot describe my fury right now. Who the hell is this random Mage? Why are you making Tom look like an insecure delinquent next to this mustached man? He should feel threatened, but not because he's young. I'm not even going to describe the rest of the book some moments were nice, like Gregory's death because I was literally in shock.

I'm really pissed because the way you've written it, there aren't a lot of ways this can go with the next trilogy.

Here are the ones I've come up with, and I think that they cover them nicely. Tom and Alice make up but Alice ends up sacrificing herself for him and Tom is alone. Flash forward a few years and Tom is a regular spook and Alice acts like his consultant that he has a love-hate relationship with and she's with the Mage guy. Tom and Jenny. The combination of all 3 makes sense to me. Jenny being a spook would be an excellent way for Tom to find love, but I do not believe for a single instant she'd be as well developed as Alice was as a character.

The chance of an ideal happy ending, where Alice and Tom end up happily married is looking really slim right now and honestly, that's the only way I'd be happy. It fits with the series because the entire time people have been telling Tom he can't marry a witch- well yes, yes he can!

Delaney threw it out. The only way this would ever end up happening: Still, the Mage guy is shaping up to be either a world class douchebag or an actually wise man- with me hoping fervently for the former but with Tom dealing with his youth insecurities So, this is how I think the ending will actually turn out. Tom meets Jenny, who is an interesting, pretty spook but he cannot get Alice out of his mind.

Eventually, they fall for each other, but Tom still struggles with his feelings for Alice and Alice for him. In the big final battle, Alice sacrifices herself for Tom and Tom is sad but ends up living a happy life with Jenny. The End. God, I hope that isn't how it turns out. Don't throw 12 books of character development out the door.

I never, ever, would have guessed what has happened in this book. Congratulations Delaney, you've convinced me to read the next trilogy because I'm dying to know how this plays out.

Don't disappoint me. View all 3 comments. Oct 22, Paul Nelson rated it did not like it. Joseph Delaney a great author who until this book ranked in my top three fantasy authors. The book feels rushed and not well thought out it maybe Mr Delaney has been distracted by the production of the film. If you enjoyed like I have all the other Spook books. To avoid disappointment Never Read This Book. I don't know where to begin with this book I was Hugely disappointed in the book did not feel like the normal high standard could of Mr Delaney this could have been written by someone less tale Joseph Delaney a great author who until this book ranked in my top three fantasy authors.

I don't know where to begin with this book I was Hugely disappointed in the book did not feel like the normal high standard could of Mr Delaney this could have been written by someone less talented then Joseph Delaney.

This one book makes all the other books irrelevant making all that Tom and Alice have been through and achieved together meaningless. The time cost and effort I took in reading them a waste of time. I tried re-reading the series but could only manage a few pages and have now given them away. Mr Delaney did not do the characters or the series justice both Tom and Alice both needlessly being punished with Tom taking the full brunt of it the moral of the story if you do good you get punished so why bother being good it gets you nowhere.

I think this is a good plot idea I have given. Hopefully he will publish a better conclusion to the series.

Do yourself a favour take all your books in the series don't even read this book and give them to a charity I may not be a author but I am a huge reader and books like this can put me off any future works by a particular author. Mr Delaney has started to write a new series but sadly for me this books as ruined it for me and like many others on this site it is as far as I go with Mr Delaney.

Aug 21, Rose Riker added it. I love this entire series. It's very well written, very descriptive and exciting. It's hard to put the books down once you start reading! I am really sad to see it end however The Spook's Revenge was thrilling, but sad.

It acts as not only an ending to the previous series, but an introduction to a new series Mr. Delaney is going to be writing so that made it a little easier to read. If you love fantasy, as in Harry Potter or the Inheritance series, you should check out this series starting with I love this entire series. If you love fantasy, as in Harry Potter or the Inheritance series, you should check out this series starting with the Spook's Apprentice.

I listened to this 13 book series, back to back, on Audible over the past month or so; driving to and from work and at work when I was able to. I'm sad to have it end and I wish some things had resolved a little differently in the last book, but overall I really enjoyed it.

Two thumb bones up! Apr 16, G L rated it did not like it. Can I rate it less than one? Negative integers perhaps? I have not been so very disappointed in a book series in years. I'm still too worked up to write a proper review but suffice to say it ruined the entire series for me. I have to go throw out all my Last Apprentice hard cover books now. Do not download or read. Not if you like the series or characters. Apr 28, Jen Davis Lance rated it did not like it Shelves: Disappointing ending to a pretty adventurous YA series.

Sep 26, ArranR rated it it was amazing. Fantastic-The characters were at the height of their game and shocking plot twists! View 1 comment. The book beautifully ended that great series. Thomas Ward has been the Spook's apprentice for a while. He's battled witches, boggarts, ghasts and many dangerous creatures of the dark. Including the Fiend, who Tom, John Gregory and others seek to destroy once and for all. Now with the help of Grimalkin, a boggart and others, Tom sets forth to rid of the world of the Fiend.

I finished this about an hour ago, maybe a bit more. And I've just been thinking, how will I write my review for the final book in The Last Apprentice series? How shall I st Thomas Ward has been the Spook's apprentice for a while. How shall I start it? Well, I suppose I'll start with how I found this amazing series. In I registered on a message board for fans of the trilogy and just of works by Philip Pullman in general.

I had never heard of the series before nor its author.

And the series definitely sounded good. I love reading anything to do with the paranormal, fiction or nonfiction, and the series sounded like something I would like. It was summer of and I was signed up for a summer reading program at a library not too far from me.

They only had one book in the series, the first one, and I put a hold on it. I read it and loved it completely. It became an instant favorite. Forward to January and I've been reading about the forthcoming Seventh Son movie.

I decided I need to finish reading the series. At that time, books 1 to 11 were out, plus the bestiary and the two books with short stories. From January to April I devoured all of the books. I just couldn't get enough of the series. I eagerly awaited I Am Alice , which I received as a gift from my boyfriend for our anniversary last year. And after that, I waited for this book.

Even pre-ordering my copy in December.

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Like the others, I read this one fairly quickly. If you haven't read this book yet, or the series, please do not read any further as there will be spoilers. And when I started this book, I found out that Tom decided he could not sacrifice her, even if it meant destroying the Fiend forever. I understand that.

How could you sacrifice someone you love, even if it meant saving many people? And it also goes against everything John Gregory taught Tom.

I know that if I were in Tom's position, I couldn't do it either. There were definitely some twists in this book, especially with Alice. I just felt like crying. The change with Alice was so quick, so unlike her. I know with Alice she was always sort of in the middle - she could go either way, light or dark. But reading the short story from her perspective and I Am Alice last year in September, I felt that I knew Alice even better than before.

She didn't want to belong to the dark. Heck, she didn't even want to be a witch! It was something Bony Lizzie, her real mother, decided for her. The Alice I know and love was afraid to belong to the dark and would do anything for Tom.

The Alice in this book is so different, so quickly, but I could still see bits of the old Alice there. No matter what, she didn't want to physically hurt Tom. I feel that at least she must still care for him somewhat. And is she really in love with this Mage?

I don't know. She may just be with him for another reason, and if it is for another reason, it was not revealed in this book.

But I know my heart broke for Tom.

One of the saddest things about the book for me was Alice's sudden change. And the other was the death of John Gregory. After reading the whole book, I know it had to happen. While this book concludes The Last Apprentice series, it does not end Tom's story and his story will continue in The Starblade Chronicles , which I am very excited for. Perhaps in those books, there will be more explanation to why Alice changed. But I know why John Gregory had to die, it was to pave the way for Tom to become the County Spook and to pave the way for the next adventure.

However, I was still very sad. John Gregory was an amazing character.

Flawed, but yet wise and even still learning until his death. I can't say that I agreed with John Gregory percent of the time, but he knew was he was talking about, he was a great teacher to Tom and I loved his character. That was when I began to cry a little. John Gregory, like with all the characters, I've grown so attached to them and his death was just devastating.

And now I see why the character Slither was introduced so late in the series. It was to set up the next books and I wonder if we'll see Slither again in the new trilogy. There were sad parts, there were times I cried. This book was like a roller coaster of emotions, you weren't quite sure what emotion you were going to have to deal with feeling next. The story and the characters of this series are just amazing and well-written.

The world Joseph Delaney created is unique and so easy for me to get into. I love the characters, who I have grown very attached to over the course of the series. It it a truly amazing series, one that I highly recommend.

This book does a great job concluding the story of this series and tying up loose ends as well as leaving things open for future books set in the same world. What else can I say about this book besides that I love it, that I love this book and I am very thankful to Joseph Delaney for creating these unique and wonderful books.

Now, bring on The Starblade Chronicles! Jan 17, rachel rated it it was amazing. Lets see how well you can die. From facing the Bane alone with only an untrustworthy witch to be by his side to baring witness to the sacrifice of his own mam; he has laid down his life time, and time again in the war against the dark.

The final instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles placed Tom in the most dangerous situation "So, lets see how well you can fight.

The final instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles placed Tom in the most dangerous situation yet: Spooks Revenge, in my opinion, dealt with both betrayal and loss to the best of Delaney's abilities. Driven mad by grief, Tom becomes irrational and a shell of his once self; following in close footsteps to his own master in that respect before him. At the attempt to keep things spoiler free, this thrilling conclusion to the series lived up to my expectations and more!

The plot twisted in a way that I am shocked at for not scrying myself. I have waited almost a year for the thirteenth and final installment of the Wardstone Chronicles and sadly I was extremely disappointed. But with Alice going closer to the dark and the threat of an unborn god said to be even more evil than the Fiend, can they protect the County let alone the world?

I absolutely love these books and it kept me intrigued right to the end. So sorry Mr Delaney, but the ending is absolutely horrible.

I would definitely recommend this book but I hated the ending. Luckily there is a second series on the way! A massive thanks to all our users who participated in the recent survey we know they can be annoying. We're about to redesign and upgrade Writing. We are taking them all on board and hope you'll be pleased with the results! Updated daily with a mix of news, interviews and essential tips, our content is provided by a wide range of writers and currated to deliver you information and solutions.

We hope you enjoy it. Part of the Inkwell Group. News for Readers.But I wanted to survive. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Doomsday Code Book 3. Skulduggery Pleasant: The final instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles placed Tom in the most dangerous situation yet: World Building For me this series is one of the best world buildings I ever encounter, some might not agree with me but who cares, I agree with myself. Can't you just go out on a high?

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