Disclaimer: This tool has to be used only for issuu publications that are allowed by their authors to e downloaded as pdf. In case you do not found a download as . You can also download a PDF of your completed publication for printing. Here's how to do this from the Publish tab: Select Generate. 3 days ago When your file is fully converted you can see how your content will appear NOTE: You have to combine all pages to form a single PDF before.

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6 days ago Currently, there is no limit on the number of documents you can upload to your Issuu account as long as the content is set to Public. However, if. 3 days ago There is no limit on the number of documents you can upload to your Issuu account as long as the content is set to Public. However, if you want. Amazing look and feel across all platforms, devices and Issuu apps. .. or you've been at it for years, no other digital publishing platform can offer what issuu can.

It comes with lots of handy features, such as page turning animations and page zooming. You can share your magazines on all the different social media platforms.

It is very quick to load, with every page loading up in advance. You can view the pages in a variety of different ways. Although Issuu overall has great customer service, their support can be quite slow. It is not possible to embed a video or audio. You cannot upload a file larger than mb, and it cannot be longer than pages long. However, this is much bigger and longer than the average magazine. And, although I am an online blogger, many texts are available in real print on top of that.

However, every publisher knows that they must join the digital revolution if they want to continue to make a mark on the world. They can do this now through Issuu.

So just what is Issuu? What are the types of things that they can offer you, and is it worth working with them at all? Basically, through Issuu, you upload a compatible file and fill in the relevant form, and the system does the rest for you. It formats your document so it is compatible with its online Flash reader and adds a range of great features, such as searchable text, page-turning animations, zoom capacities and more.

You can also create a completely free account and read through the magazines that other people have published. The site offers anything from student projects to amateur fanzines, and from comic books to professional publications. You can use this to be inspired about what other people are doing, or use it simply for your own leisure.

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After all, even if you are a professional writer or blogger, there will be times when you are not on the job and just having some time for yourself as well. Issuu Review, Pricing and Plans: Issuu offers four different plans, and you can choose whether to pay for these monthly or annually. Annual payments do give a discount, so you may want to consider it. The plans are: The Basic plan: which is completely free to use. It allows you to upload and share, read on both Android and iOS and embed everywhere.

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This gives the same functionality as the Basic plan, as well as allowing you to customize your reader. It comes with basic features, including an ad-free reader and a stand-alone reader.

It comes with a branded reader and advanced analytics and you have control over sharing and comments The Custom plan: which allows you to create something that is just right for you. You must contact Issuu to build your own plan and find out what the pricing policy is. Both the Plus and the Premium plans come with a 14 day free trial. Features: Issuu is a fantastic program that allows you to access a variety of powerful tools perfect for any blogger or magazine publisher, even on the Basic plan.

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The tools that they offer include: The embedded reader, which allows you to share your publication online anywhere you like. As a blogger, I only had to use a few simple lines of code for the reader to appear on my own website.

Additionally, you can customize the reader if you have the Premium plan. The Mobile HTML5 Reader, which means your readers do not have to go through the trouble of installing separate apps on their devices in order to access your publication. This is a major step forward for Issuu, as they had previously developed both an Android and iOS app, but Apple rejected the app because they were working on something similar themselves.

However, they have now also developed the Native iOS and Android apps, which allows you to ensure readers can remain engaged regardless of where they are and what type of portable device they use.

Analytics, which are not available on the Basic plan.


This allows you to monitor how engaged your audience is with each of your publications, so that you can also identify areas that you should continue to focus on, and areas you should move away from. Social sharing, allowing you to make sure your posts are visible on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email.

In doing so, your readers will become greatly more engaged. Once you have all the images, it is easy to convert them to PDF, if that is what you need. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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We tested multiple Issuu alternatives to see how they stack up and made a short list of our favorites. Vehicles See all publications.

The magazine for ladies who lift. See where your readers are coming from and which pages they read and share the most.

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