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History of architecture by Fletcher, Banister Sir, , Architectural Press edition, in English - 20th ed. / edited by Dan Cruickshank ; consultant. The 20th edition of Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture is the first major work of history to include an overview of the architectural achievements of the. A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method by Banister Fletcher. Publisher: Batsford ISBN/ASIN: BOSC3DI Number of pages:

Temple of Jupiter Olympius at Agrigen- tum, Sicily, section Temple of Jupiter Olympius at Agrigen- tum, elevation Greek Examples XI. The Ionic Order- Temple on the Ilissus. Temple at Eleusis. Greek Examples XII. The Erechtheion, Athens, sketch from N. Gailhabaud, Durand. I Vol.

Stuart and Revett's ' Athens. B, c, D Stuart and. E, F, G J Revett. H, j, K Murray. L, M Mauch. N, o, P Cockerell. Q, R Mauch. Inwood, A L Middleton B and others. No, Name. The Erechtheion, west elevation. Temple of Diana at Ephesus, view 6? Choragic Monument of Lysicrates, Athens and The Capital of column to portico, Pantheon, Rome Typical Roman Acanthus leaf. Angle view of capital from the Stoa, Athens Plans of capital, looking up.

Typical Greek theatre Mausoleum at Halicarnassos, transverse section Greek Examples XV. Lion Tomb, Cnidus, south elevation. Sarcophagus from a tomb at Cnidus, end elevation. Inwood, Middleton and others. Taylor and Cresy, Stuart and Revett. Newton and Pullan. XXI No. Comparative Examples of Greek and Roman Doorways. Doorway of the Pantheon, Rome, elevation Comparative diagrams of the Greek and Roman Orders of Architecture.

Greek Doric Temple of Theseus at Athens Roman Ionic, by Scamozzi. Greek Ornament I. The Ionic Volute Volute from Cyprian tomb. Capital from Egyptian wall painting Bronze armour plate from Tamassos, Cyprus. Capital from Neandria Capital from the Heraion at Olympia Ionic Lycian tomb Temple of Nike Apteros, sketch of angle Greek Ornament II.

Scroll ornament from roof of choragic Monument of Lysicrates, Athens Sanctuary of the Bulls, Delos enlarged triglyphs, side view. Mauch and Donaldson.

Stuart and J Revett. Taylor and Cresy. Greek Ornament III. Capital, Temple of Jupiter Olympius, Athens A Capital, Tower of the Winds, Athens. D, E Half elevation of Stele Head. F Greek Ornament IV. Honeysuckle ornament D Stele head E Anta capital from Erechtheion. F Portion of frieze from Parthenon. G Metope from the Parthenon. H Acanthus ornament. Map of the Roman Empire. Roman Examples I.


Roman System of Construction Roman walling of concrete with brick facing and methods of heating. Temple of Fortuna Virilis, Rome, plan. Arch of Titus, Rome, section ,, ,, elevation ,, plan. Arch of Goldsmith's or Silversmith's, Rome, view from the south-west ,, ,, section. Stuart and j Revett. I Cockerell, Stuart and Revett. Watt, Stuart and Revett. Henry j Middleton. Roman Examples. Temple of Saturn, Rome, plan.

L ,, ,, front fa9ade. M ,, ,, details of entablature N Roman Examples III. Temple of Venus and Rome, Rome, part cross section. A ,, ,, plan B , , , , part front elevation. D Temple of Diana at Nimes, plan. E ,, ,, cross section. F ,, ,, part long, section.

G Maison Carree, Nimes, plan H ,, ,, front elevation. Maison Carree, Nimes. Roman Examples IV. Tomb at Mylassa, Asia Minor, half elevation. A ,, ,, half section. B ,, perspective view. F Tomb at Dugga, near Tunis, plan and view. G Tomb at S. I ,, ,, front facade. L Temple of Mars Ultor, Rome, detail of corbel, cornice to enclosing wall. N ,, ,, detail of main cornice o ,, ,, plan P Roman Examples V. Temples at Baalbec, Syria, half section. A ,, ,, half entrance fa? D ,, plan E Temple of Jupiter, section F ,, ,, fa9ade.

Roman Examples VI. The Pantheon at Rome, section. A ,, ,, ,, half-plan. B Bronze mouldings round the " eye r. Society of Dilettanti. The Pantheon, Rome. Interior view The Pantheon, Rome. Roman Examples VII. Arch of Septimius Severus, Rome, the order and key plan A ,, ,, detail of capital. B ,, ,, keystone of arch. E ,, ,, capital, elevation and half plan. F ,, ,, details of capital. G Temple of Vesta, Tivoli, the order and key plan. H ,, ,, detail of capital. J ,, ,, coffer to peristyle ceiling.

Basilica of Maxentius, plan A ,, ,, long, section. Roman Examples X. Circular Temple of Baalbec, plan. Baths of Diocletian, section. Pont du Gard, Nlmes. Roman Examples XI. The Colosseum, part elevation. A ,, ,, section. B ,, ,, plan. Amphitheatre, Verona Authorities Piranesi.

XXV No. Roman Examples XII. House of Pansa at Pompeii? Arch of Septimius Severus Roman Ornament I. Temple of Jupiter at Rome, capital Arch of Titus, keystone. Forum of Nerva, Rome, cornice. Pilaster Villa Medici, Rome. Temple of Mars Ultor, capital Pantheon, panel Roman Ornament II. Temple of Jupiter Stator, Rome, details of cornice ,, ,, plan of coffer.

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Rome, portion of frieze. Roman Corinthian pilaster capital, Pan- theon, Rome Roman altar Pilaster capitals. Etruscan candelabrum. Pompeian candelabrum Roman gladiator's helmets Roman arm chair Roman Ornament III. Arch of Titus, Rome: Figures in span- drels of main arch Baths of Titus, Rome: Wall fresco Bronze candelabra Typical Roman tripod altar. Typical Roman baths Rostral column Mosaic pavement, Pompeii. Roman chariot Typical Roman tomb.

Principles of Proportion. Taylor and j Cresy. Taylor and [ Cresy. Optical Corrections in Architecture. Correction of apparent proportions Effect of color on proportions The Parthenon: Inclination of columns Method of drawing entasis of column The Parthenon: Optical corrections to prevent appearance of sagging. Optical illusions caused by convex and concave curves, when diawn in relation to parallel straight lines Authorities.

XXV11 No. Early Christian Ornament continued. Giovanni, Rome, mosaic frieze in cloister Clemente, Rome, parapet and pilaster S. Maria Maggiore, Rome, mosaic. Giovanni, mosaic floor Authorities. Digby Wyatt.

Byzantine Examples I. Byzantine System of Construction. Dome construction. A, B Lethaby and Method to find outline of pendentive. Sergius, Constantinople, interior view Sergius, Constantinople, exterior view Sergius, Constantinople, plan. G Tomb of Galla Placidia, section.

Sophia, Constantinople, sectional view Sophia, Constantinople, exterior view K Byzantine Examples II. Sophia, Constantinople, north-east elevation Sophia, Constantinople, longitudinal section Sophia, Constantinople, ground plan c S. Sophia, Constantinople, exterior. Sophia, Constantinople, interior.

Comparative Examples of Early Domed Structures. The Minerva Medica, Rome, plan. A ,, ,, ,, section. Vitale, Ravenna, plan.

D Cathedral at Aix-la-Chapelle. Mark, Venice, section Mark, plan. Front, Perigueux, plan D S. Mark, Venice, exterior. Mark, interior Byzantine Examples IV. Cathedral at Athens, sketch C, D section E Church of Theotokos, Constantinople, W. F, o plan. J Salzenberg. Dehio and Von Bezold. Sophia, capital Bowl and tile capital Demetrius, Thessalonica, Ionic capital ,, Byzantine Corinthian capital. Sophia, bird and basket capital S.

Demetrius, Bird Corinthian capital. Sophia, window from the Gynaeceum, elevation Sophia, window from the Gynaeceum. Texier and j Pullan. J Texier and Pullan. Map of Europe at the Death of Charles the Great. The Baptistery, Cathedral and Leaning XXIX No. Name The Abbaye-aux-Dames, Caen French Romanesque Examples. Abbaye-aux-Hommes, exterior ,, transverse section ,, interior ,, plan.

Angouleme Cathedral, section ,, ,, plan.


The Abbaye-aux-Hommes, Caen. Porch of S. Trophhne, Aries. French Romanesque Ornament. Fleac, capital Pontorson, corbel table Vaison, frieze Trophime, capitals Paul-Trois-Chateau, archivolt. Abbaye-de-Montmajour, corbel Angouleme Cathedral, frieze. D'Ouezy, capital Plans of piers Church of the Apostles, Cologne.

German Romanesque Examples. Church of the Apostles, Cologne, part elevation , , , , part section. Worms Cathedral German Romanesque Ornament. Limburg Cathedral, capitals. Church of S. Pantaleon, capital S. Gereon, Cologne, capital and base Worms Cathedral, cornice S. Gereon, Cologne, double capital Limburg Cathedral, towers.

Worms Cathedral, capital and base Limburg Cathedral, capitals. Ilsenburg Cathedral, capital. Laach Abbey Church, window Worms Cathedral, doorway. Map of Mediaeval Europe, Thirteenth Century. Principles of Gothic Construction.

Amiens Cathedral. Saviour, Southwark, vaulting com- partment. B ,, ,, setting out of groined vault C, D 1 Comparative Views of Models of Con- tinental Cathedrals. Milan A Evreux B Cologne C Vienna D Chartres E in. Comparative Diagrams of Vaults and Domes. Roman cross vault A Romanesque cross vault B Byzantine and Renaissance domes.

E English Gothic Examples I. Comparative Examples, showing progress of Gothic Vaulting. Waggon vault A ,, plan B ,, ,, stilted F Peterborough, Norman vaulting. G ,, ,, plan.

Mary, Redcliffe, Perpendicular stellar vault interior view. R, s English Gothic Examples II. Types of Mediaeval Open Timber Roofs. Mary Magdalen, Pulham, collar- braced roof. Photos- by T. Parker, and f others. XXXI Authorities.

Thomas Morris. Photos by T. Types of Mediaeval Open Timber Roofs continued.

Middle Temple Hall, double hammer- beam roof H Evolution of hammer-beam J Chichester Durham Ely. D Rochester. E Oxford. F Carlisle. G Bristol. A Chester B Peterborough C Exeter.

F Wells G Gloucester. H A Lincoln B Canterbury C Photos by Norwich E Lichfield F Comparative Plans of English Cathedrals i. A 1 Builder ' Cathe- York I Storer, Britton, Peterborough Loftie, Murray, Salisbury I Willis. English Gothic Examples IV. Comparative Plans of English Cathedrals 2. A 1 'Builder Cathe- Canterbury B dral Series, Gloucester 7. D I Storer, Willis, Durham E J Murray. English Gothic Examples IX.

Westminster Abbey: Section Interior Henry VII. Chapel, Westminster Abbey. Chapel, Westminster Abbey, Fan Vaulting English Gothic Examples X.

Typical English Parish Church: Heckington, Lines. English Gothic Examples XI. Comparative Plans of English Domestic Buildings: Tower of London Oxburgh Hall Kenilworth Castle Hatfield House, plans Longford Castle. English Gothic Domestic Examples: Penshurst Place, elevation of great hall. Mary's Hospital, Chichester, plan ,, ,, sections George's Chapel, Windsor.

Saxon Architecture. Earls Barton, tower Deershurst, ,, Earls Barton, doorway Wickham, window Corhampton, impost Sompting, capital I Bowman h and j Crowther. Gotch and ' Brown. John's Chapel, Tower of London Ely Cathedral, nave, interior and exterior A Peterborough ,, ,, ,, B Ripon, choir, interior and exterior. Lichfield Cathedral, nave, interior and exterior E Ely choir, interior and exterior.

Winchester, nave, interior and exterior. G Iffley Church, Oxon Norman Mouldings. Lincolnshire, zigzag Contest, Caen, chevron B Winchester, billet c Canterbury ,,. Peters-at-Gowts, nebule J Iffley, Oxon.

L Lincoln, embattled. M English Gothic Examples XV. The Evolution of Gothic Spires in England: Peter, Raunds, Northants John, Keystone, Hunts. Wulfran, Grantham, Lines.


Mary, Bloxham, Oxon. Peter, Kettering, Northants. James, Louth, Lines. Michael, Coventry, Warwickshire. The Evolution of the Gothic Buttress: Norman, Fountains Abbey. English, Southwell Minster. B Decorated, S. Mary Magdalen, Oxford. E Flying Buttresses, Amiens and Kheims.

F, Constructive principle of the Mediaeval Church. G Authorities. Sketches XXXV No. Comparative Examples showing progress of Gothic Tracery Development: Lynchmere, plate tracery A Woodstock ,,. B Dorchester, bar tracery. D Headington, plate tracery. E Wimborne Minster, grouped lancet lights F Warmington, grouped lancet lights.

G Long Wittenham, geometrical tracery. Mary Magdalen, curvilinear tracery. K, I, Great Milton, curvilinear tracery. M New College Chapel, rectilinear tracery.

N King's College Chapel ,, ,,. Mary, Dinan, Flamboyant example. Comparative Examples of English Gothic Doorways: Clare Church, elevation A capital and base. John, Cley half exterior and interior. D capital and base. E arch mould F jamb and arch mould. G capital and base. L , , jamb mould. M Authorities. Bowman and Crowther Pugin. Norman Font, Coleshill, Warwickshire. English Font, Lackford, Suffolk. B Decorated Font, Offley, Herts. English Piscina, Cowling, Suffolk.

F Decorated Piscina. English Tabernacle, Warmington, Northants Mary, Leicester. N Perpendicular Sedilia, S. Mary, Oxon. No, Name, English Gothic Examples XX. Pew, Steeple Aston, Oxon. Pulpit External , Magdalene Coll. Eagle Lectern, Upwell S. Sketch I Book. English Gothic Ornament I. Comparative Mouldings of the Periods of Gothic Architecture: I to 13 " Early English '".

English Gothic Ornament II. Early English dog-tooth ornament. M " Decorated " four-leaved flower. B ball flower c tablet flower. D typical crocket. K parapet N " Perpendicular " vine leaf and grapes. E cornice flower. F Tudor flower, cresting. G Tudor rose H crocket L parapet o Parker and Paley. G, H, J, K " Perpendicular " capitals, spandrels.

English Gothic Ornament IV. Gable Crosses: Early English Lincoln Cathe- dral Stone Pendant: Perpendicular, All Saints, Evesham Early English Lincoln Cathe- dral. Decorated Southwell Minster.

Mary's Church, Bury St. Early English bracket: Alban's Abbey Poppy-heads: Paston Church, Norfolk. Compton Wynyates, Warwickshire Examples of Scottish Architecture. Rothesay Castle, plan Drum Castle, plan Grangepans, sketch from. Examples of Irish Architecture. Cormac's Chapel, Cashel, ground plan.

Arthur Hill. French Gothic Examples I. Beauvais Cathedral, section A plan c j- Bulges. K Gailhabaud. Comparative Views of Models of Conti- nental Cathedrals.

Notre Dame, Paris French Gothic Examples II. Comparative plans of cathedrals: Oaen, Rouen Chapelle, Paris Notre Dame, Paris. View of west front. Notre Dame, Paris, exterior bay. Salisbury Cathedral Amiens Amiens Cathedral.

Rheims Cathedral. Coutances Cathedral. View of west front House of Jacques Cceur, Bourges. Palais de Justice, Rouen French Gothic Ornament. Chartres, figure sculpture. Amiens, fleche. Michel, foliage Notre Dame, Chalons sur-Marne. Piers in Northern and Southern France. Antwerp Cathedral. Belgian Gothic Examples.

Gudule, Brussels, elevation ,,. Town Hall, Bruges Town Hall, Ghent German Gothic Examples I. Cologne Cathedral, exterior. Ratisbon Cathedral. German Gothic Examples II. Stephen, Vienna, plan ,, section. Eliz heth, Marburg, plan ,, exterior. Stephen, Vienna German Gothic Ornament. Freibourg Cathedral, canopy capitals S. Paul, Worms, capitals Cologne, parapet Bruges, miserere Marburg, tomb Milan Cathedral. Exterior Italian Gothic Examples I. Milan Cathedral, plan. Maria-dei-Fiori, Florence, plan ,, long, section.

Interior The Doge's Palace, Venice. Italian Gothic Examples II. Palazzo della Ca d'Oro, elevation. Doge's Palace, Venice, fa? Norman Shaw. J Moller.

University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Gailhabaud and others. Ca d'Oro Palace, Venice Florence Cathedral. Siena Cathedral. Monreale Cathedral. The cloisters. Italian Gothic Ornament. Baptistery at Pisa, detail of capital from pulpit ,, ,, plan of pulpit. Pisa Cathedral, portion of pulpit. Ducal Palace, Venice, capital Venice, angle window Palazzo Scaligeri, Verona, campanile.

Burgos Cathedral. Spanish Gothic Examples. Juan de los Reyes, Toledo Gregorio, Valladolid Spanish Gothic Ornament. Burgos Cathedral, ornament from tomb. Gil, canopy Norman Shaw.. L Street. Florentine Renaissance Examples I. Palazzo Strozzi, main cornice. Your pre-order item will usually be shipped on the publishing date of the book. You will not be charged for pre-ordered books until they are available to be shipped. Pre-ordered ebooks will not be charged for until they are available for download.

For orders that have not been shipped you can usually make changes to pre-orders up to 24 hours before the publishing date. Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture is the acknowledged classic reference work for architectural history. It has been essential reading for generations of architects and students since the first edition was published in — and this tradition continues today as the new 21st edition provides the most up-to-date, authoritative and detailed account of the global history of architecture available in any form.

Thousands of major buildings from around the world are described and explained, accompanied by over 2, photographs, plans, and drawings. Architectural styles and traditions are placed within a clear framework, and the chronological and geographical arrangement of the work's chapters allows for easy comparative analysis of cultural contexts, resources, and technologies.

Published for the first time in full colour, and entirely rewritten throughout by over leading international architectural historians, this is a landmark new edition of a classic work — one which reflects the very latest scholarship and brings a thoroughly contemporary understanding to over 5, years of global architectural history.

Sumer and Akkad Iraq , c. Assyria Iraq , c. Babylonia Iraq , c. Hittite Empire Turkey , c. Egypt Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom , c. Egypt Middle Kingdom , c. Egypt New Kingdom to Roman Era , c.

Minoan Crete and Mycenae Greece , c. Archaic Greece, c. Etruria Italy , c. Northwest Europe to c. China to c. Persia Achaemenid to Sasanid Empires , c. Classical Greece, c. Hellenistic Greece, c.

Republican Rome, c. Imperial Rome and the Roman Empire, c. Christian Roman Empire, c. Indian subcontinent, c. China Qin and Han Dynasties , c.

Mesoamerica, c. Iran and Central Asia, — Egypt Arab Conquest to Mamluk Dynasty , — Italy, — Carolingian Empire and France, — Christian Spain and Portugal, — Nordic Countries, — Indian Subcontinent, — China Sui and Tang Dynasties , — Korea, — Japan, — West Africa, — Mesoamerica, — France, — Spain and Portugal, — Comparative Examples, showing progress of Gothic Vaulting.

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