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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today BANKING THEORY LAW AND PRACTICE Reddy & Appanniah: Banking Theory and Practice 4. BANKING THEORY LAW AND PRACTICE PDF - Are you looking for banking theory law and practice. PDF?. If you are a reader who likes to download banking . BANKING THEORY LAW AND PRACTICE PDF - Are you looking for banking banking theory law and practice by FREE PDF DOWNLOAD.

Banking theory law and practice Dr. Vittal Business Statistics S. Capacity to contract Flaw in Capacity Incompetent persons to enter into a contract. Consent Free consent flaw in consent. UNIT- IV Legality of object When an object is considered unlawful and illegal agreements Agreements opposed to public policy Agreements not declared to be void Agreements expressly declared void Wagering agreement uncertain agreement. Performance of contract Appropriation of payment Tender Quasi contract Assignment of contract.

Kapoor Mercantile Law M. Kuchal Business Law Dr.

Banking law and practice notes pdf

IRDA Act, Risha Insurance Law and Practice M. UNIT- IV Minimum Wage Act, Interpretation, fixation and revision of minimum wages- fixation of wage period Time of payment, deduction and fines appointment of authorities and adjustment of claims. UNIT V Workmens Compensation Act, , objectives, employers liability for compensation, amount of compensation Distribution of compensation, notice and claims statements regarding fatal accidents Medical examination Returns as to compensation, commissioners, workmens compensation.

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Kapoor Industrial Law S. Madhavan Pillai.

Commerce Syllabus

Industrial Laws P. Tripathi and C.

UNIT- IV Customers Account with a banker opening of an account Types of Deposit Account- operating the bank accounts Legal aspects Entries in pass book closing of bank accounts Types of customers Individuals, firms, Trusts and companies Importance of customer relations- customer grievances and redressal. Nirmala Prasad, J.

Chadradass Banking Law and Practice P.

UNIT V Conditions and Warranties Express and implied conditions and warranties Caveat emptor Exceptions Transfer of property - Sale by non owners exception to general rule as to title - performance of contract Rights of an Unpaid seller.

Mercantitle Law N. Kapoor Business Laws S.

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Kathiresan and Dr. Radha Business Law J. Death of a partner Calculation of Deceased partners share of profit Joint Life policy. Gupta Financial Accounting T.

Murthy Advanced Accountancy S. Advanced Accountancy M. Grewal Financial Accounts S.

Bhatia Entrepreneurship Development in India Dr. Timber extraction, mining, dams and their effects on forests and tribal people. Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources. Equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles. Food chains, food webs and ecological Pyramids Introduction : types, characteristic features, structure and function of the a. Forest ecosystem b. Grassland ecosystem c. Desert ecosystem d.

Case studies. Environment Protection Act. Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act. Population explosion Family Welfare Programme.

Advanced Management Theory - Dr. Year Published. Advertising and Salesmanship - P. Bank Management - S. Bharathiyar University B. Com Book Author T.

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Brand Management - Dr. Business Accounting - A. Business Communication - N. Raghunathan and B.

Business Environment - Dr. Capital Market Reforms: Interaction Political Environment: Economic Systems Constitutional Environment: A Concentration of Economic Power: Commercial Banks Financial Institutions: Reserve Bank of India Stock Exchange: Merchant Banking: Business Environment: Alternatives Choice of Strategy Matrices: Policies and Objectives Economic Systems: Business Ethics and Values - Dr.

What is Ethics?Practical and concise, Banking Law and Practice contains a discussion of the case law, legislation, common law. Hari Prasad Reddy Dr. Food chains, food webs and ecological Pyramids Introduction : types, characteristic features, structure and function of the a. Venkatramanan Dr.

Biodiversity definition types species genetic and ecosystem diversities- values of biodiversity threats to biodiversity conservation of biodiversity endemism biodiversity hotspots Indian biodiversity soils of India floristic regions endemic species of India IUCN lists -red-green and blue data books.

To understand their role and responsibility in this environment.

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