RushFit (Intermediate) Schedule - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Rushfit intermediate Training Calendar Weeks Gsp Rushfit Assessment. INTERMEDIATE TRAINING CALENDAR WEEKS HERMES Annigon i LEVEL OF FITNESS - BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED. This program has physique of your life. . Take the RUSHFIT assessment. ADVANCED TRAINING CALENDAR WEEKS ESHTEEDBE LEVEL OF FITNESS - BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED.

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Rushfit Intermediate. RUSHFIT. The original Rushfit Intermediate Workout Calendar Abdominal Strength & Core ConditioningRUSHFIT ≅45 mins. Cardio This 6 DVD set includes 7 RUSHFIT workouts, training calendars, a nutrition guide, and Rushfit download Rushfit nutrition guide pdf Download. Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT - Workout and Exercise FAQ - GSP RUSHFIT. 1. listopad Georges St-Pierre, GSP Rushfit Tutorial: 8 Week Training Program Guides / Rushfit Beginner Training Calendar Weeks pdf: MB.

The program lasts eight weeks which you can choose between the three different training calendars depending on your overall fitness level. There is an assessment video on the RUSHFIT website , and it is also featured on the bonus disc, to determine what level you should start with and help you track your results.

The workouts start with a ten minute warm-up, followed by a thirty minute workout, and ends with a five minute cool down.

Each workout consists of many air squats, burpees, and a few lunges. Five high intensity circuits are used in each workout. Dumbbells are used for several workouts, which you can use from 2 to 25 pounds depending on your strength.

There are days on the schedule that just says "CARDIO", which means you can either jog, use a treadmill, cycle, or workout to another cardio DVD for at least thirty minutes for the weeks at medium intensity and increase to forty minutes or more for weeks The nutrition guide is a bare bone guide, giving you a list of what foods to eat or not to eat during the eight weeks. I was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't a calendar or healthy recipes in the guide.

The workouts are 45 minutes, but the time flew by while I was exercising. It s functional fitness designed for everyone, and the 5 five minute rounds of intense exercise simula.

Minimal equipment - All you need is a small assortment of hand weights or dumbbells, between 5 - 30 lbs. That s it!

GSP does every exercise right along with you! When you re suffering, so is he. Now that s real motivation.

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Relatively safe compared to the original Insanity, though, and overall a nice solid program that only lasts 30 days. The instructor, Erik Owings, doesn't waste anytime or goof around and neither does George St-Pierre, who at times stumbles, proving that no one is perfect even if you are an athlete. Five high intensity circuits are used in each workout.

Now that s real motivation. I believe that plyometrics should not be done by untrained individuals at home because it can be a very unsafe way of training.

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