Axis Bank selection mock test have been specially design to replicate the exact each practice paper under the various sections i.e. Quantitative Aptitude. In this section, you can find numerous quant aptitude questions with answers for Axis Bank Recruitment Exam. Attempt each quant section carefully and avoid. Get Axis Bank Previous Placement Papers and Practice Free Technical,Aptitude, GD, Interview, Selection process Questions and Answers updated on Apr.

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Axis Bank Aptitude Test Questions (1) The driver of a car diving @ km/hr locates a bus 40 meters ahead of him. After 20 seconds the bus is 60 meters. axis bank - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read The entire process has 2 rounds 1) Online Aptitude 2) Interview round.. this Interview Questions o Tell us about yourself Answer Question o Basic. New Exam Pattern Jobs notification published for the post Relationship Manager . Axis Bank Aptitude Test Questions and Answers.

Sixteen students say they want to take French, 16 want to take Spanish, and 11 want to take Latin. Five say they want to take both French and Latin, and of these, 3 wanted to take Spanish as well. Five want only Latin, and 8 want only Spanish.

How many students want French only? Ans: 7 Students 2. A veterinarian surveys 26 of his patrons. He discovers that 14 have dogs, 10 have cats, and 5 have fish.

Four have dogs and cats, 3 have dogs and fish, and one has a cat and fish. If no one has all three kinds of pets, how many patrons have none of these pets? Ans: 5 patrons 3.

Placement Papers - Axes

In a school of students, 85 students are in the band, students are on sports teams, and 60 students participate in both activities.

How many students are involved in either band or sports? Interview Questions 1. Tell me about yourself.

Tell me about the program. Few banking related questions 4. Are you willing to work anywhere. Family background. How are you going to pay for the program.

Will you be able to do sales. Answer Question Helpful 5. I interviewed at Axis Bank Calcutta. Interview IT was a normal interview.

MY medical tests were done and I passed to get the final appointment letter. Helpful 3. I interviewed at Axis Bank Pune in August I interviewed at Axis Bank Coimbatore in August Interview I applied through online, then I cleared written nd interview.

Both are very easy to clear. In interview they asked introduce yourself, about my past working experiences. Asked ready to do sales. Interview Questions What you know about banking? Flag for inappropriate content.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Answer Question What do you know about the job role of customer service officer? Answer Question Are you willing to interact with the customers? Helpful 7 o o o o Flag as InappropriateFlag as Inappropriate 3.

Axis Bank Young Bankers Program - 2017

Interview Questions o Tell me something about yourself, your family and education? Answer Question Why Banking after Engineering?

Answer Question Explain your role in your Internship? About yourself.

Answer Question Why should I select you? Answer Question Why Axis Bank? Tell me about yourself 2.

Helpful 3 o o o o Flag as InappropriateFlag as Inappropriate 9. Documents Similar To axis bank. Sunny Rocky. Alpesh Mavani. Harikrishnan Nair. Praney Kalra. Rahul Jolly.

Interviewing at Axis Bank

Pulkit Agrawal. Avesh Kazi.

Mohit kolli. Saurabh Daga. Amar Mohan. Jessica Moore.

Axis Bank Assistant Manager Interview Questions

Ravjeet Kaur Sidhu. Victoria Sinson. Rachel Young. Sravanthi Boggaram. Franklin Tamayo. Muhammad Shakeeb.

Muhammad Zaheer Anwar. Melanie Smith. More From Uma Rajput. Uma Rajput. Santhosh Kumar. Popular in Politics.

Practice Tests for Quantitative Aptitude - Axis Bank

Princess Jeanne Roque Gairanod.You have to choose the correct answer from the options provided. Alpesh Mavani. The parabola can either be in "legs up" or "legs down" orientation. How are you going to pay for the program.

Interview IT was a normal interview.

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